FUZi Review & Giveaway

Through the past year, I've done lots of fabulous reviews but I have to say that this one has been one of the most unique reviews I've done! FUZi (pronounced "foozie") has given a new twist to "ice cubes"!

These FUZi spheres are absolutely amazing! Its easy to create your own frozen sphere!

Just add your favorite liquid in the sphere through the small hole on top. I used water for mine (simple I know but I just love a glass of ice water). After you fill it up, set it in your freezer for a few hours.

Once its ready you can usually tell where the liquid usually expands when frozen.

Once your ready to use your FUZi ice sphere, just pull it apart and add to your favorite beverage!

 Get creative with FUZi Ice Spheres! Use your favorite soda, juice, alcohol or even fruit! I think I may try adding strawberries next! Yum!

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