Product Review: Sweet Light Candle Company

{ About Sweet Light Candle Co. }

Our candles and wax melts are handmade with a creamy blend of paraffin and vegetable wax which gives each of our candles and melts their unique appearance and a clean, long burn time. We use cotton core or paper core wicks, and rich fragrance oils. All of our candles are thoroughly scented while in the liquid stage, allowing you to enjoy our rich fragrances every time you burn your candle! There will be no dripping or caving in of the candles, and no sticky soot or black smoke when burned properly. Our candles are made with the best materials available and with careful attention to every detail. Although our candles and wax melts look and smell good enough to eat, they were meant to be burned. From the wonderful aroma to the bright steady glow of the flame, you'll enjoy every one of our candles. They are a treat for your senses!
Our handmade Dessert Soaps are all natural and vegan friendly.

The moment I opened up my package from Sweet Light Candle Co. I was instantly in love. They sent me a blueberry muffin candle and a sugar cookie wax melt and a apple pie wax melt.
I was blown away by the look and the smell of the items.

This candle is even shaped like a muffin! How cute :) 
It smells exactly like blueberry muffins baking in the oven! 

Next I tried out the Wax Melts.

The apple pie melt looked just like a little apple pie! As soon as I turned on my warmer the wax melt melted down quickly and filled my kitchen with the delicious aroma of apples. 

The sugar cookie melts smelled yummy too!

Sweet Light Candle Company has lots of great gifts to choose from.
Here are a few favorites of mine....

{ Cupcake Candle }

{ Chocolate Covered Strawberry Wax Melts }

{ Mini Cupcake Wax Melts }

{ Dessert Soaps }

This Christmas I've decided to do gift baskets and these will definitely be a party of them!

Check out more of their great products!

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