Product Review: Joey Miller

joey miller is a company that specializes in beautiful fabric creations for your kitchen and home.
They sent us a beautiful table runner and a set of four cloth napkins.

Just a couple of Saturdays ago I attended a lovely tea party with my best friend, my mom, and my grandmother. The tables were decorated so nicely with lovely linens and such.
When I left I told my husband (while we were headed to the beach) how much I'd love to have some beautiful linens. I've never had anything like that.

Little did I know I had received a review item in the mail that I'd find on Monday when we returned home!
I was so excited when I opened up my package from joey miller! 

They were beautiful! I was in love with the colors and patterns and they would match my dining room perfectly! I couldn't wait to unpack them and put them out on my table.

My little napkin holder even looked cute with it!

joey miller has lots of fun items. Here are a few of my favorites

Want to get your own fun joey miller collection?
Check out their Etsy Shop and find them on Facebook

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