Valentines Giveaway

As many of you know, Valentines Day is just around the corner!
What's better than a giveaway full of amazing products that would be the perfect gift for you lovely ladies, or even the lucky man in your life!

One of the great things about participating in our giveaways is the chance to show off our products and your business. Viewers are required to "like" your facebook fan page or group in order to enter the giveaways! It in return gives you lots of new likes on your page!
The winner also gets a chance to see and try out your prize!
It opens up doors for new potential customers!

Any of our sponsors can participate in our giveaway!
To be a party of it, just send us an email

Be sure to include the following:
a photo of what you'll be giving away
a description of the prize
any contact information you want to include

For those of you who I've done product reviews for, I'll be including links that that with your product :) Interested in having your product reviewed? Its not too late! Contact me today!

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