Product Review: Sweet Soap Bakery

I had the opportunity to do a product review for Sweet Soap Bakery! 

I have to say, its been years since I've used a bar of soap! 
Since I've been introduced to the lovely body washed from Victorias Secret & Bath and Body Works, thats what I've been using....and because I have oodles of it since thats the first go to place to people for birthdays and other occasions. 

I was SO thrilled when they wanted to send me a bar to try out! 
When I went over to check out their facebook page, I was blown away by the look of their soap! I was expecting just a plain 'ol bar! Boy was I wrong! 

Just days after asked to do a review, I received my bar of soap in the mail!

I was automatically drawn to the unique scent- Lemon Poppyseed. I wasn't really sure what to expect when I opened it.
So last night, I turned on the shower and grabbed my new soap from Sweet Soap Bakery! 

When I pulled off the plastic wrapper, the luscious smell of lemons filled the shower! 
It smelled wonderful!
Another neat thing about it was the lemon slice and actual poppy seeds in the bar!

It lathered up very nicely and left my skin feeling soft and smooth! I think I'm in Love! 
My husband suffers from extremely dry skin. He has to buy certain body washes that won't irritate his skin. So tonight, I was shocked when I walked in the bathroom and he was sudsing up with my bar of soap! He also had a great review! He loved the smell (shocking since he's very picky with scents) and it didn't dry out his skin! 

Here are some order great soaps from Sweet Soap Bakery
Strawberry, Vanilla and warm toasted Rice

The heavenly Chocolate Cherry Loaf

Pink Shimmer Skeleton Soaps

Sweet Soap Bakery

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