Christmas Gift Guide: Thirty-One Gifts with Ashley Parker

Are you a purse fanatic? Tired of constantly buying new purses because you get bored with the one your carrying? 

Thirty-One has the perfect fix for your problem!
The Skirt Purse comes in a base color of either black or brown. It has leather straps and a zipper closure.
When you purchase your purse you automatically get a FREE skirt with it of your choice!

One of my favorite skirts is the watercolor garden that is shown above. I just love the variety of colors in it! The purse also includes a pocket inside for your cell phone!

When you get tired of the skirt you have on it, you can purchase a new one for just $15! Just like buying a new purse only cheaper!

As you can see in the photo, there are snaps on the corners of the purse where you hook on the skirt. 

Right now when you spend $31 with thirty-one gifts you can get your choice of a flat iron case, pencil pouch, cinch sac, all in one organizer or soft wallet for just $5.00! This amazing special is only good until December 12th! December 12th is also the last day to place your order and have it guaranteed to be back in time for Christmas! 

To place an order or Contact the Consultant:

Ashley Parker 

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