Swaddlekinz sent us one of their awesome swaddle wraps to review. 
Swaddlekinz swaddle wraps are made of 100% muslin breathable cotton. 

I was immediately impressed by the material. It was soft and thin enough to keep your little one comfortable. 

Maybe your not familiar with "swaddling." Swaddlekinz has a nice HOW TO guide on their website!

Step 1: Place swaddle down and fold one corner over to make a triangle. Place your baby in the middle of the swaddle with your baby’s head above the swaddle and the shoulders below.

Step 2: Fold in left side of the swaddle securing your baby’s left arm underneath. Once folded, assure that the swaddle is securely tucked under your baby’s right arm.

Step 3: Take the bottom portion of the swaddle and lift it over your baby’s feet.

Step 4: Take the right side of the swaddle and bring it over to the left side and secure it underneath your baby.

Swaddlekins can also be used as a cover for a stroller to keep the sun out, tummy time, play, blanket and much more!

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