DIY Fabric Flowers

I just absolutely LOVE the fun little DIY projects that pop up in my inbox from DIY blogger, Emily. 
She's so crafty and creative! I love to make things like this and its always a big help with these little tutorials!

This is what I used:
Fabric--lace and sheer champagne
Quilting thread (more dense and durable in my opinion)

Step 1:
Cut Fabric.
For my base piece, I used the lace because it was more sturdy. I cut it about 4x4 (which will end up about a 3 1/2 inch flower). Each layer afterward about 1/2 inch smaller, rotating fabrics.
About 6 layers was all I needed.

Step 2:
Make petals.
Fold the squares (the same way you would fold paper to make a snowflake:))---half, half again, then once more diagonally.
You should end up with something like-

Cut the end to be round and even.

Step 3:
Align the pieces of fabric in larger to smaller order.

Step 4:
Sew a small stitch into the middle of the flower to hold pieces together then fold in half.
Sew several stitches into the fold to bring the flower together.

In this part of the project, you will need to see what looks best for your flower, fold the middle in different and complementing directions and make stitches accordingly. I find that pinching different areas and then stitching what looks right works the best.
This step should bring the petals together and give the flat flower depth and life.

Turn your flower over and fluff!

                         That's it! Enjoy! xoxo-M

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