Blush Jewelry Product Review

I am such a Huge fan of jewelry and accessories! They always add the perfect finishing touch to any outfit. I was so excited to help out Blush Jewelry with a product review. I fell in love with every single item on their site!
They sent us two great items to review- the Crystal Ball Earrings and the Crystal Flower Bracelet.

Our lovely Blogger Adrienne reviewed the bracelet

I was so excited to receive a package from Blush jewelry recently. I carefully opened the package to see the beautiful beaded crystal bracelet that had arrived. It was a White and Light Pink Crystal Flower Bracelet with Light Pink Cord. It was gorgeous and fit my wrist perfectly with its' adjustable/slide-style clasp

I had the opportunity to review these gorgeous earrings. There are several things that made be fall completely in love with these. First off, I love how these gorgeous stud earrings sparkle with lots of different colors, meaning they match pretty much any outfit perfectly. Next, i love the fun look and shape of them. They are fun and unique and playful. 
Sometimes I feel like I have those days where I really just don't want to wear any jewelry. I call those my laid back days. Well these are perfect for those kinds of days. They are lightweight and you barely know your wearing them!
The next awesome part about these earrings is they come in lots of great colors like orange, yellow, lime green, blue and many more! They are on sale right now at a great price of $14.95!

Blush Jewelry has tons of eye catching jewelry that are a must have for your collection!
Here are a few of my favorites:

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