Unique Christmas Decorations

I am SO excited about Christmas coming up. I'm even more excited about being able to decorate our new home! Last Christmas we had such a tiny little house to decorate and I think everything had a decoration! This year, our house is much bigger and I feel like I have hardly any decorations!

I'm not a huge Pottery Barn fan. I love their stuff, but the prices- not so much.
The other day we received a pottery barn catalog in the mail. I pulled it out and just started flipping through it just to look. I'm sure glad I did!
I'm looking for creative and cheap decoration ideas for this Christmas. 
I had never thought of using tree limbs! How simple and FREE!

Here are just a few ideas I found for using tree limbs this holiday season:

Absolutely LOVE this!

Okay So i know this isn't a real tree branch, but close enough. Very pretty :)

Easy centerpiece Ideas:
I made something similar to this last year. I had a simple vase at home. I went to Joannes and bought some really pretty christmas branches. Some were red glittery berries, some gold glittery looking ferns. They were so bright! I put them in the glass vase and filled the whole inside of the vase with tiny red ball ornaments. Then I finished it off with a great big red bow! It was gorgeous and surely attracts attention to my visitors!

How simple is just filling a pretty bowl with lots of ornaments? 

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